Winter WeddingsAre you one of those upcoming brides or grooms looking at dates or times of the year to say l do? Choosing a date comes down to lots of factors including availability, photo opportunities, weather and budget to name a few. The most popular time to get married is spring and autumn , but often the date you want is not free. For example, for many venues, it’s difficult to lock it in unless you book years it advance.

Winter is often overlooked as a time of the year to consider. Often it’s never considered purely because it is too cold, full stop. Now here are some reasons why “Getting married in Winter” can actually be a better time to say l do.

  1. Comfortable temperatures: In Winter you can rug up, but in Summer it is hard to cool down, especially when a full dress and layers of tulle and hoops are added and then the poor grooms having to sweat it out in a full suit and tie.  Our Winters aren’t nearly as cold as other countries too.  We have bearable Winters.rug up ideas
  2. Great Photos: Winter weddings can give some amazing photos too.  Consider a snow wedding or photos amongst fog for a different effect. Winter time can also offers a softer light, which can work beautifully for photographs. Remember that day light saving isn’t around Adelaide in the winter months.  You could fit in more light and sunset photos before dinner. These two Adelaide wedding photographers offer amazing photos for all year round.
  3. Save money: With Winter showing a decline in the number of weddings for many suppliers like reception centres and Adelaide florists, it is also a great time to consider how much money you can save.  Not sure, then why not ask. Blush Blooms and Events also offer a special Winter package with our fresh wedding bouquets, mobile wedding makeup service and event styling. It is often much easier to negotiate a price for many wedding service necessities in Winter.   Not sure who to ask or maybe you don’t like to ask?  Blush Blooms and Events can help you out. Ph: 0419 846 266  We have a full range of suppliers on hand, and many would be more than happy to assist my clients with special rates. One of our package buddies includes SOIE Events who can help create the perfect event atmosphere for any theme. For some extra inspiration with winter weddings, have a peep at these great ideas If you see something you like, we can help you bring it all together.
  4. More choice for dates: It also means you have a better chance of choosing the date you want for getting married and scoring the suppliers you want and the venue.
  5. More of your guests will be likely to attend: Winter is usually a quieter time for many with  parties, weddings to attend and end of year break up functions.  They are more likely to have your date free in the Winter months and quite possibly just hanging out to have a party to attend.
  6. Your flowers will last longer:  Heat can be a set back with many fresh flowers in the hotter months.  I often have a bride set her heart  on flowers which are just not going to last the distance. Tulips and hydrangea are typical examples requested for wedding bouquets, which causes the hydrangea to wilt and tulips to blow open like a poppy. Some shades of roses are not advisable for a Summer wedding with them opening and wilting fast. We want you to have your flowers last all day and evening. Have a look at this list of flowers which will help you with what is available in Winter and other seasons. . There are a large number of flowers available for whimsical, elegant or  country wedding themes and even colours to match the vintage weddings or rose gold themes. From roses to lilies, orchids, native flowers, freesias, carnations, iris….. The list goes on….For more information please contact Justine on or 0419 846 266