Before you arrange to meet with your wedding florist designer, there are key questions to consider which if prepared will save you time in more ways than one. By being prepared and visiting your florist with the required information means you don’t need to make another visit to go over major details. It will also avoid a longer than usual consultation on the day. Time is valuable to everyone including the bride and groom to be.

Arranging flowers isn’t something couples should organise until they have other wedding plans in place. Your florist will ask a series of questions which will help them quote you properly based on your requirements. Without them, it will mean another visit to your florist. To go through a quote for fresh flowers or silk flowers, allow a good hour.  Here are the basic questions a florist will ask you.

  1. What is the date of your wedding? Different times of the year will reflect different flowers in season and it may mean your favourite flower isn’t available or too expensive. Here is a full list of flowers available flowers in season
  2. Make a note of any flowers and designs you may like. It is a good idea to have a folder or images ready to share with your florist. You can also save a board to your  pinterest account. Blush Blooms and Events can collaborate ideas directly to you or start one up to help you plan your journey. It is also important to choose what you like over what others are forcing you to have. It is your wedding day and it’s all about what makes you happy. Keep a special note if you are also allergic to anything so your florist can suggest alternatives for you.
  3. Know the colours and styles of your dresses. This includes both your bridal gown and  bridesmaids dresses for shape, length and colour.  If you also know the colours of the groomsmen’s suits, this will assist with buttonhole flower shades and design.Gallery_25_600x800
  4. Share any ideas for your wedding theme. Are you thinking of going for an elegant wedding theme? Or maybe one of the following, which are very popular for current trends like:                                                                                                                        Vintage themes, Country themes, Rustic themes, A winter wonderland, Fairytale weddings, a Glamour wedding theme , Bohemian theme, Beach theme and colour themes like the popular Gold and Blush wedding theme.      theme 2

hire of candle displays   5. Have a list ready of who is in your bridal party. This includes bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, mums etc….  There are no rules with what to order with flowers, and it is becoming more common for wedding trends where there are grooms ladies or grandmas walking the isle like flower girls to throw rose petals. 2016 wedding trends are now about what you represent and like to be different.








6. Knowing if your wedding is going to be held in a garden, church on the beach or in the country will guide your florist to ideas.  If you are having a church ceremony, does the minister request that you supply flowers for the church?  Some ministers will ask that you leave flowers at the church following your service. Can you then share these flowers with another wedding service on the same day? It is also important to know the times of your service and if you require set up and delivery. With your reception, are flowers and decorations required or do they supply these as part of a package to the function centre? Consider the room design and it’s atmosphere for wedding event styling. A very large room or high ceilings look more effective with taller designs such as vase displays filled with larger flowers.

7. Most importantly, have a budget in mind. If you come across an image of a tall vase with a large ball of fresh flowers, know that this won’t fit within a $40 budget per table.  Options such as wedding event hire will save you money and help with your budget, but your florist will also advise on what is more suitable without breaking the bank.


In all, if you meet with your florist prepared with as much information as possible,  this will save you time and your florist will then help you visualise your wedding day from beginning to end.

Wedding quotes can be done best in person or online.  In todays modern times, online is often where it all begins with searching for the right answers. The added benefit of online flower quoting is that it doesn’t matter where you are located, with an organised personal florist, this will help you with the decision making and also save you a lot of time.  I like to meet with my clients in person if l can at some stage before the wedding date as it helps to put a face to a name and let the client get to know a little more about what l do.

If you are looking for a no obligation quote, please contact me at your convenience.

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