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Ok, here is some interesting information often overlooked by couples planning a pre wedding motel room. I write this from experience as an Adelaide mobile wedding florist and makeup artist. My mobile hair dresser and other suppliers also see many problems arise regularly and this is one which can be avoided with planning and thought behind your decisions.

So you have found a stunning motel in the heart of the city where you would like to stay and get ready on the morning of your wedding. In tow are the bridesmaids, mum of the bride, family guests? and then don’t forget to add the team of photographers, Adelaide makeup artists, mobile florist and hair stylist.

Before you choose your location, check with the date of your wedding and if there are any special events held on the same morning. If there is a Christmas Pageant, Clipsal, City To Bay Fun run or something else to mark the same date, check with parking and easy to access points for your arriving guests and wedding suppliers.  You won’t be wanting any part of your bridal party running late, or the mum of the bride. It may be that your suppliers have made it on time with difficult parking issues and then they are waiting for other members of the wedding party to arrive so the day can begin. Oh what a mess it can be.

In Adelaide at many locations in the city, parking is a nightmare. Often it isn’t accepted for someone like myself as a florist and makeup artist to leave my van in Valet without being slapped a hefty fee. Add to this the hair dresser and photographer with all their equipment – cameras, lighting, suitcases for hair styling, and for myself, a chair, makeup trolley, bags and flowers. We can all leave our tools of the trade at the foyer, but it is then at our own risk if anything goes missing.

Although it’s not something l do, some suppliers will have the bride and groom foot the bill for parking. $$$$  Now add in the busy dates like this weekends Christmas pageant. Parking for suppliers and everyone involved including family will be difficult.

Like all other Adelaide wedding suppliers, l want to make sure you are happy with your choices, venue and above all ensure you get to the church on time. A stress free bride and groom is very important. It can snowball to more disasters. We often see brides in tears from panic when someone is running late. When bride and her team aren’t ready in time for the photographers arrival, it has affected the number of  photos taken on the morning. That is just one of many problems l have witnessed.

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If you are looking for wedding packages in fresh or silk flowers, wedding makeup hair styling and photography, we can help you save money and the hassle of trying to find the right suppliers. Leave the headache to us.

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