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So you have chosen a date for your wedding and no one warned you about set dates being a problem….

As a florist l get brides to be contact me with their date and then let me know which are their favorite flowers, their budget and their ideal effects for wedding bouquets etc.. It is important to have the date that you want and remember that even if you do choose an awkward time which isn’t easy with flowers etc…. There are ways around this. More importantly, don’t stress. That is what we are here to do for you. Some of you may have already hit a bump or two with organizing the finer details with your wedding, but those who haven’t, here are a few dates to be aware of.

Post Christmas time. Clearly a great time for many to get married since it means most people are not at work and can relax more. It also means that you may have the better option of having more of your family from all over the world attend. Keep in mind that from the 24th of December every year, many growers shut down for a good 3 weeks and this means flowers are in skeleton supply with many favourites just not easy to supply. Consider that flowers like Singapore orchids, roses, lilies, hydrangea, gypsophila and even lush greenery will be scarce and some can be next to impossible to get hold of.  Our orchids come in from overseas and generally they have the longest break.

Valentines Day.  February 14th is a romantic time to get married, but it is also a time where flowers are in hot demand for supply.  Roses increase in price and other flowers become difficult to get when everyone is fighting for them at the same time. If the weather isn’t the best it can also have an effect on supply. Remember too that just because the prices may increase, this is because the grower forces their prices up and we as Adelaide florists can’t control this. The prior few weeks before and after February 14th is also a trap with either pricing and availability. Remember that following Valentine’s Day, flowers will be scarce due to crops being cut back hard. They will take time to regrow again.

Winter:  If it is a garden rose like David Austin roses and local roses, lissianthus and other seasonal flowers available during the warmer seasons, these will be harder to source and if they are brought in from other states or overseas, they will have an added price tag on top. Whatever happens with fresh flowers, we also like to make sure that the flowers quality is 100%.  Your local florist will help you with choosing carefully and will be up to date with flowers on a regular basis to be able to advise properly. This is also why you should always remember to work with a professional florist for your wedding who has extensive flower knowledge.

winter wedding flowers

So how do you get around the dates so you can have what you want?

Did you know that you can add silk flowers to your wedding flowers?  The artificial flower quality is amazing and very difficult to tell apart from fresh. Here is an example where a silk hydrangea is added amongst fresh flowers. fresh and silk flower bouquetflowers in season

You shouldn’t have to give up what you love. You can also work with flowers in season which your florist will help you decide on.  In all wedding packages and working with a flower budget are a major importance. In the chart listed, this is a guide on some of our popular wedding flowers available during the four seasons. For more information on what is available or help with choosing what is ideal for your wedding date, please contact Justine on 0419 846 266 or





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