One of the most important details with wedding flowers is what to do about having them arrive at the destination. Some couples like to have their flowers picked up by a friend or family member, but others prefer to have the florist arrange for the delivery.  It does come down to cost, but more importantly it’s about ensuring that they arrive in one piece and that they get to their destination on time without fuss. The cost is normally minimal when they are delivered, remembering that the bride shouldn’t be worrying about little details like bad timing or wilting flowers.

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So how do we care for our wedding flowers on the day of the wedding and when should they be picked up from your florist?

Ideally It’s best to have your fresh flowers delivered on the morning of your wedding for freshness. This way, your local florist will keep your flowers in the cool room overnight and ensure they are taken to your desired location with utmost care. Remember that if you are from a warmer state of Australia or you are getting married in the Summer months, having your wedding flowers in a florist fridge as long as possible is advised.

If however, you decide to have your flowers are picked up, they should be taken directly to the desired location and kept in the coolest part of the house. Sometimes people pick up flowers on the morning of the wedding and don’t allow enough room for travelling. Storage with ventilation and without being squashed is advisable. Having flowers close to a window on a very warm day is also dangerous.  The suns strength can burn the flowers and if it is a long trip, expect flowers to wilt very quickly. Always check with your florist with the best care for transporting if you are not sure.

The other importance of having your flowers delivered is that you are given instructions upon delivery on how to attach buttonholes and corsages and shown what to do with your flowers so they remain fresh.Events

One big rule of thumb to remember with your flowers is that they need to be treated with care. For bouquets, stems should be submerged in water with ribbons kept dry. Should your ribbons get wet, be sure to remove your flowers from water in time before your photographer needs them for photos. This will ensure no water drips on your dresses.

For corsages, we like to present them in a plastic bag which is sprayed with water. These flowers can then be placed in a refrigerator on a shelf. Buttonholes are also best kept in the fridge. A good personal florist will give you the details you need to make sure the best care is taken, but remember that if someone does choose to pick up your wedding flowers, get them to take some notes so they can pass on the correct information and not forget.

Remember a flowers life depends on the different varieties and delicacy of it’s petals. Excessive handling and undue care can bruise or damage blooms. For more information please contact Justine at Blush Blooms and Events 0419 846 266van

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